Essential Riding Gear Every Motorcycle Owner Should Have

You will agree that a motorbike is really fun and adventurous. But it is also hazardous, so you need to put on the right gear every time, all the time. Whether you are riding on long journeys or just short trips, it is imperative that you put on protective equipment.

There is a wide selection of motorcycle riding gear, in different styles from the simple protective equipment to fashionable and costly apparel. Let’s have a look at five essential pieces of motorbike gear that you should always have, whether riding in the streets or off-road.

The helmet is essential riding gear because it protects the head, which is the most fragile part of your body, in the event of an accident. There are three types of helmets to choose from including full face, skull caps, and open face. If you prefer open face or head caps, consider having several pairs of glasses to protect your eyes. Otherwise, if you don’t want to do this, buy a full face helmet.

It is recommended that you go for a professional motorbike riding jacket, especially leather or Kevlar. Even though they are costly, they are designed to stand abrasion and protect your body. MotoGP riders wear suits made from kangaroo leather as they help the rider bump when they crash to the ground. Make sure it is comfortable because, at the end of the day, you need to be flexible and at ease when riding to maneuver effectively.

Now that you have the jacket, you also need to consider buying a rider’s pants that are equally well-crafted from leather or Kevlar. Just like the jacket, it should also have plastic armor at specific joints where you could sustain serious injuries after a fall, for example, the knees.

Riding boots should be crafted using a non-skid sole to have a good grip of the ground. You will find a range of motorbike riding shoes from the normal ones to tall boots. It is recommended that you buy tall boots to cover, not only your ankle but your legs as well from the often hot exhaust pipe as well as flying objects. Avoid high heeled boots because they won’t be comfortable when you use your leg to turn or balance, and may even cause an ankle sprain.

These are also vital motorbike clothing that will help you stay safe in the event of an accident. The gloves should be well fitting to give you a good grip when riding. They also protect your hands from injuries when a crash occurs. At least gloves are cheap so you can have several pairs.

It is well known that prevention is definitely better than cure. Stay safe when riding your bike by wearing the right protective gear. While it may look unfashionable to ride in the correct gear, remember it’s for your safety. And who said that there is no flashy, fashionable and customizable motorbike riding gear?