Fashion and Function: The Uprise of Motorcycle Clothing

Jackets, gloves, pants and helmets are just the beginning of specialized clothing options for motorcycle riders. Clothing can be used as a form of identification on the road and allows riders to see and follow their comrades more easily. Motorcycle gear is often adorned with fluorescent marking, or reflectors, increasing the visibility of riders on the road, especially at night. Riding a motorcycle is a risk, but wearing the proper motorcycle gear can eliminate some of those potential dangers.

Most riders have found a way to combine utility and safety with more fashionable looks. Leather and denim have always been classic fabrics for motorcycle riders, not only for their protection from the weather or crash impact but for their timeless style. Most people who ride motorcycles know about the benefits of functional fashion. Leather and denim are durable materials, used the most in motorcycle gear. Leather is used because it protects riders from the elements. Rain or shine, leather is the most protective material, without having to put on the layers. The material is flexible enough to allow a full range of motion while protecting the skin from any abrasions or scratches.

Denim is another material that can withstand the elements. Providing more flexibility than leather, classic denim is sturdy, while still being lightweight. Most bikers are portrayed in jeans and a leather jacket. Helmets and gloves have become staples for bikers over the years, especially since motorcycles have become more popular in busy cities.

Gloves are often cut off at the fingertips, so as not to limit the rider’s sense of touch. The leather covering on the knuckles makes it easy to withstand any heavy weather that riders may come across on their travels. Strong winds, rain, hail or snow are all conditions that are unfavourable for motorcycle riders. Many riders will pull over in those conditions, but gloves help beat the discomfort until that is possible.

Helmets have become a legal requirement for riders, and riding without one is extremely risky. Helmets protect riders from significant injuries. Motorcycle riders are more exposed than anyone else on the road, and helmets are often lifesavers in any kind of accident. A small skid can turn into a life-changing event, for riders who don’t wear helmets, or appropriate motorcycle clothing.

In the past year, the industry for motorcycling equipment, and the market for specialized motorcycle clothing has risen at least four per cent. This growth and the new popularity of motorcycles can be associated with the more affordable bikes available or the new and fashionable trends hitting the streets.

Many motorcycle companies offer their own line of motorbike clothing and motorcycle gear. There are plenty of good examples of functional motorcycle clothing, that is fashionable, but many other brands also offer great options for motorcycle riders of all ages.