Kawasaki Z1

When firstly introduced to the market in 1972, the Kawasaki Z-series started with the Z1, thus creating a whole new standard for its kind. Equipped with four cylinders and a displacement of 900 cc, the four-stroke engine could produce what at the time was an astonishing power of 82 PS, making it the most powerful bike ever to come out of a Japanese production line. Achieving top speeds of about 200 Kph (about 130 Mph), several track records of both speed and endurance fell to its performance. The unveiling of the Z1 brought critical acclaim, and a satisfied public bought it by the thousands, making the whole series a huge success for Kawasaki. The Z1 still enjoys the love of the fans, as the original motorcycle has been re-designed and uplifted through the years, maintaining the spirit of the Z1 well alive.

Kawasaki Triples

More than just a particular model,, the triples were a set of motorcycles that Kawasaki produced from the late 60s until the 80s, with a wide range of engine displacement (from 250 cc up to 750 cc) and common characteristics such as the two-stroke engines with three cylinders that powered them. Other decisive factor that set these bikes a step ahead of the competition was the ratio between weight and power, which provided an acceleration that was no match for any other maker. This proved to be a safe bet, for at the time the demand was more in line with faster, noisier and more adventurous-looking style of motorcycles.