Honda Super Cub

A turning point of the motorcycling industry was the introduction of the Super Cub by Honda, in the already distant year of 1958. Simple, yet reliable mechanics were the base of this single cylinder four-stroke engine, with displacements ranging from 49 cc to 124 cc, making the model an affordable option for commuters of all types. It went to become an icon of the 21st century, and it’s hard to walk around any city in the world without catching a glimpse of one.

If the general attributes were not to be enough, Honda created a marketing campaign focusing on the catchphrase “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. The campaign was tailored for the US market, lasted well over a decade and was remarkably well received, being seen as a groundbreaking moment in modern advertisement.

The outcome was sales of over 100 million units over the course of 60 years, making the Super Cub the most produced motor vehicle in history, with sales still going strong in Asia, chiefly in Japan and Vietnam, and new versions continuously replacing the outdated motorcycles, there’s not an end in sight for the ever-popular Honda Super Cub.