Sliding in the mud: Speedway

If going sideways leaving a spray of dirt behind is the quest, speedway is the answer. A competition with many followers, it consists on four laps over an oval track filled with dirt. The bikes are equipped with no breaks (as a matter of fact, they are explicitly not allowed) and have only one gear. The motorcycles are unlike any others. Four riders start side by side on a standing position and race through the laps, with points attributed at the end according to the standings.

The driving technique consists in sliding across the bends, with the result that the drivers spend most of the race in a sideways stance. The trajectory is fundamentally important, given the disparate amount of dirt on different parts of the circuit,

With origins in the USA, the sport has a great following in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and, to a lesser extent in Australia, with each of these countries hosting their own domestic competitions. Normally lasting for a season, comprising various races and contested by four riders paired into two teams it is a team sport, although final results are obtained combining individual efforts.