On the road

If there is such a thing as the perfect vehicle for a road trip, it is definitely a motorbike. A plain roadster, a cruiser, a touring bike or even a sports bike, it all depends on the type of road, the duration of the trip and the rider’s taste, for they will all fit in the picture.

The United States is the ideal country for motorcycle road trips. The diversity of terrain, climate, roads and landscape makes for every possible combination, from desert to mountain, woodland to urban area, sunny beaches or windy glaciers.

Before getting on the road, it would be wise to gather some useful items. Those include a helmet (sounds obvious!), rain or snow gear if pertinent, water-proof luggage, a GPS system (or a good old-fashioned map, for the daring!), and some basic tools. Depending on the itinerary and the availability of provisions, planning ahead for shelter may be of relevance as well.

Lastly, the bike’s condition should be checked upon, and any doubtful parts fixed or replaced. It won’t do to have mechanical problems on the road that could have been prevented at home!