The backbraker: Motocross

Hugely popular in Europe and in America, Motocross is mainly raced on off-road style, dirt enclosed circuits, teeming with hazardous obstacles in the form of vertiginously steep hills that the riders negotiate at high speed, jumping off the top to land farther away. The races start from a standing position, with the riders usually waiting closely together in a line, behind a low barrier. At the sound of a buzzer, the barrier drops and the competitors fight for position among the pack.

The nature of the sport is tantamount to spectacular images of riders seemingly flying through the air, sometimes directly over their counterparts. Pictures highlighting pivotal moments of races are commonly found in the sportspages of regular newspapers and more often than not some daredevil’s latest accolade makes headlines in the evening news.

The sport’s fanbase has expanded from its British origins to all areas of the globe. It does remain highly popular in the UK, as attested by the number of circuits where the motorcycles:UKĀ  can thrive, but the American public has become increasingly captivated, as demonstrated by the attendances at AMA events throughout the year.